The Real Black Magic

Factual kala jadoo is paint will start to a “presentation face” to become used, a “front”, “putting up a front”, “Image is everything”, etc. and employing this front to repulse attention from what is actually going on behind any scenes. Overt lying-denial, “I don’t have any thought what you’re talking about”, Public Relations firms turning the truth for clientele to appear different compared to what they really are”, “Spin” a.e. massaging the truth to look better, “Plausible Denial” i.e. will this rejection (lie) be believable, tend to be forms of schizoid, Jekyll and Hyde, false “kala jadoo” being used get advantage, power over other.

Cleaning up the property or home for the neighbors designed for fear of “how it will now look” is a stream-lined example of the “presentation face” we all worn out. While that may be no big deal, it is a regarding the collective consciousness it really is normal to be “two faced”, to put on the “front”, a “faade”. It’s very ingrained in us to require approval, live in concern about disapproval from the “neighbors” that this way getting is considered normal. Not straightforward, not being willing to express how we quite feel, needing to disposition the impulse, adjust, the sea down, “civilize” the true response we would in order to give creates a “Gap” in what is feeling presented as reality the actual really is going with in reality. This goes into business the space for covered “kala” jadoo manipulation together with others. This “Gap” helps make unlovingness, lying, deception, adjustment to enter in and exerted in “the kala”, i.e. hidden. The text message occult means hidden, occluded, from sight or studying.

Basically real kala jadoo is putting up any kind of a front, a faade, an exhibition face to pay honor to some “how it got to look” programmed in ideal, “how will it playtime in mid-America”, some imagined, idolatrous ideal/false god out of “how it should be”. And all the in terms of real power struggles continue on in the “kala” the rear closed doors, in “closed chambers”, “no access”, “private party”, “security clearance needed”. That’s where the actually power games go on, where the deals are really made, opponents snuffed out, “convinced” as to notebook computer for them to try. And then the results are sanitized, “Mr. Harrison has decided to quit to spend more instance with his family tendering his resignation nowadays.” While they shake hands and have fun for the cameras.

When there is never an openness of motives, absolutely no laying the cards with the table, trusting that all of you will win, that is actually no plenty for everyone to begin around, then there is not any faith, no love, n’t any allowing of the aesthetic Source of the Market to fill us with our cups till “they runneth over”. Then is definitely real true kala jadoo doing survival of the “fittest” i.e. the most brutal, heartless, ruthless, the “dog eat dog” world gets control. Pit-bull arenas everywhere vying for a nursing spot at the problematic vein of Mother Earth. Skeletons one and all. Essentially this is a demonstration of the “civilization” has got arrived at today. Cutting-edge “civilization” is mostly your dog eat dog model.