Make your own website and publish it with KompoZer Step-by-Step beginner’s guide

If you’d like design and make personal website, you can do so with a FREE software called KompoZer. You may use this web editor regardless whether you use Windows, Macintosh, or Linux as your operating system. It is WYSIWYG or What You see Is What You Get program, and is never been easier to use.

Here is a simple guide that will walk you through how to make web-site and publish with makes use of.

Install Kompozer on your PC

First of all, you need put in KompoZer on your laptop or computer. You can download it at no direct cost on the internet at good. Just choose the appropriate downloading version for your operating system.

Web Hosting Services

Secondly, you need a web host where a person publish your web page or websites. Extensive host’s server is where you will transfer your web pages once anyone might have created them; subsequently internet host will put them online a person. You can choose on a variety of web hosts on the internet, but i highly recommend Hostgator at It can huge, reputable company that gives 24 hour technical support. When something goes wrong with each other website, it is necessary that you get an immediate response and not 2 days later!

When you have all this set up, you can begin designing your own with The kompozer application.

Design your online page

Start up KompoZer.

You will discover a large pane to your right and also its particular labeled “Untitled”. This is the place you will start designing. Type whatever you want there. Afterwards, click the “Preview” tab so you might have an involving how your actual webpage would seem as if. If you still want to edit some items, could click the “Normal” tab and resume editing.

If an individual happy an issue page, may save the page with your computer. Follow on “File” then choose “Save”. You are able to see a dialog box where pause to look for be needed your Page Title. Key in whatever title you want then press Enter or click “OK”

Another dialog box will pop up, this time asking for your file title. Just hostgator coupon code 75 off 2017 in “index.html” since most web hosts actually expect this for the name of your website’s main page. A person’s change it, you may encounter some problems.

After your initial design, the next thing would be to publish your net page. You have to implement this before putting the finishing touches in your own website because KompoZer for you to be know your website’s URL before potentially process links and images that also it put inside your website. Also, this assist you you acquaint yourself with if perhaps steps adhere to in designing an internet sites. Don’t worry; you can do the finishing touches down the track.

To go to the publishing process, click “File” then choose “Publish”. A dialog box will pop up again.

Provide your internet site name in area designated for the device. Just use the name that you gave the cost in the first task. Then add the “HTTP address of your homepage” field with your URL. Then finally, you will see the “Publishing Server” field. Here you will type the FTP address which you still have from your internet host and the folder the need set your web pages.

When you’ve got all the details, can perform then enter your resulting URL in the field labeled “Publishing address”. You will see the “Username” and Password” fields in the next dialog box. Components just the username and password that the web host gave you.

When you have supplied all the necessary information, just clink the “Publish” button including dialog box will appear saying that the page is being uploaded. In the event it is done, the dialog box will automatically close.

There, you’ve just created your first web page with Kompozer. Although you have officially taken a step onto the web, a genuine effort . still a fantastic more to find out. A fantastic mentor that Personally, i used as i first started online, can walk you through everything you must to are familiar with websites as well as the Internet. Get his FREE videos especially aimed at beginners at http://wwww.createmyownwebpage.netand start your online career suitable!